Beads of Healing
Kristen Vincent shares her personal story of childhood trauma and how Protestant prayer beads helped her find spiritual and emotional healing. In sharing her own story, she models how to name feelings of grief, shame, and anger and engage in honest conversations with God. Once trauma survivors have named their feelings and learned to talk frankly with God, they can begin to hear God’s words of healing and love.
A Bead and a Prayer
This first book in the prayer bead series engages our God-given senses of touch and sight to help explain the use of prayer beads as a tool for connecting with God in prayer. Provides a 4-week Bible study to help answer the questions Why use beads? and Is it ok for Protestants to use beads in prayer?
Another Bead, Another Prayer
Building on the original book of explaining the use of prayer beads, this book offers more devotions and prayers structured around 4 forms of prayer: praise, confession, intercession, and thanksgiving. Kristen uses the devotions and prayers to help us focus on what we want to say to God, and she includes meditations to enable us to listen to what God has to say.